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Color trend What we will see in 2020
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Image credit: pedrali
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The heart of shifts in the workplace is increased mobility. Unassigned Workdesk, Hot Desking, Activity Based Working, Agiled, Collaboration will still be the main key words for the future work place.

Image credit: Stylecraft (Place by Ross Gardam)

FOCUS vs FLEXIBLE is important to balance these 2 element into an open agile workplace. To reduce disruption, good design and space planning absorbs sounds and create visual barriers between zones to help people achieve optimal performance, whenever and wherever they choose to work. DIGITAL TRANFORMATION will be one of the important role towards all these highly flexibility workplace demand.

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Modern day design co-existing with retro element will shine for the upcoming decade

Mix of old design idea with new modern concept

Creating fresh, modern sense of style that honors the past

Longevity / Built to last

Mid century element – arches / plaster effect surface / geometry tiles / terrazzo

Natural material in furniture – wicker / cane and rattan furniture

Image credit: jessicaflooddesign.com | Image credit: Tash McCammon from architecturaldigest.com | Image credit: urdesignmag.com

Longevity, built to last. It lies in restoration, and curating unique object

Arches / curves, which pared-down treatment is smooth and clean-lined without ornate detailing

Surface details – groove detailing / graphic statement

Statement tiles such as pattern and bold tiles being use in small or big area

Soft gold / brass finish Minimalist / classical shape

Image credit: kevinhviid.com | Image credit: sarahellison.com | Image credit: bellacor.com | Image credit: ebarza.com

COCOON, a timeless lounge chair designed by Kevin Hviid & Martin Kechayas

Velvet upholsteries, hemp curtains, cork walls and plywood, wicker, jute, cane and rattan furniture

Soft curves on furniture

Re-edition of classic furniture

Retro elements with new materials

Completed Projects
  • Client:
  • Nagase Singapore (Pte) Ltd
  • Project Type:
  • Design and Build
  • Venue:
  • 51 Science Park 2, The Aries, #01-01 to 03
  • Completed:
  • March 2020

Nagase Singapore (Pte) Ltd is from a group of companies under NAGASE & CO., LTD with the local office dealing with mainly import, export and domestic sales operating out of their office at 600 North Bridge Road. 51 Science Park 2, The Aries is an expansion of their existing office to include a Food Laboratory comprising an Analytical lab, a Savoury and Bakery Lab within an approximate area of 3500 square feet.

Adopting the idea of colour blocking to define different spaces in the office, vibrant colours are injected into the space, this energizes the whole work environment. We focus on creating employee experiences that help them to work and live differently; therefore, we providea Café breakout area in-between of work zone and front of house area, this allows employees to easily pop into the Café breakout area to work in a different environment and also to double this area as collaboration, enhancing productivity, well-being and creative environment.

Approach: Cheerful and energized working environment.

  • Client:
  • YouGov Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Project Type:
  • Addition & Alteration
  • Venue:
  • Tanjong Pager Road to One Finlayson Green
  • Completed:
  • February 2020

YouGov is an international research data and analytics group headquartered in London dealing with data-led offering supports. YouGov was situated in shophouse at Tanjong Pager Road and relocated to One Finlayson Green’s fitted unit of 2,995sft due to expansion.

We refurbished their whole unit with an idea to assist YouGov to incorporate their identify into the new office and keeping it cost efficienct by recycling all their system furniture from their existing office to the new premises. We emphasise on their corporate colours in the space; combination of some unique quotes with wall-painted gemetrical shapes on walls, columns and room. There are also mixture of colourful furniture to create relax and cheerful ambience.

Approach: Fun and hip ambience, cost-effective and ecologically friendly.

  • Client:
  • V.Ships Asia Group Pte. Ltd.
  • Project Type:
  • Addition & Alteration
  • Venue:
  • Keppel Tower to The Concourse
  • Completed:
  • March 2020

V-Ships is a ship management company, part of V.Group Holdings Limited situated in Keppel Tower previously and was told to move due to redevelopment, V.Ships moved to The Concourse’s fitted unit of 11,162sft.

To assist V.Ships in this refurbishment work efficiently in both cost and work involved, part of the challenge is to reuse the existing furniture from both their new and existing offices, which requires tedious planning and management by the team.

We implement their corporate colours into the space, as well as refresh it with colourful accents on walls, collars and carpets; transform unusable corners into cosy breakout area for client and staff collaboration.

Approach: Cost-effective and ecologically friendly.


Organised by Kelvin & Frank Reid, a bi-monthly talk that shows recognition and respects to individuals in the office interior design industry, and have inspirational sharing from the invited guest speakers.

Session 10 on 14 January 2020, at Style craft Showroom, Genting Centre.

Speakers: Joe Tse, HumanScale | Daniel Du, Woods Bagot | Lin Jun Long, Siren | Ken Yip, Stylecraft


Date: 14 March 2020

Half yearly visit to Sunlove Love Home at 70 Buangkok View. Due to the pandemic, no visit is allowed since January. However, KFR has purchased 350 packets of dinner meal to the residents at this rehabilitation home.

Date: 6 April 2020

A day before CB, our Director, Frank Chen went on to distribute goodie bag, this time with masks and hand soap for the cardboard collectors. This is an on-going giving, to small gesture to greet the folks and remind them about their safety while doing this back-breaking work, under hot sun and busy traffic. Additional reminder this time, for their health and hygiene amid this pandemic.

Chou Tein Wai,
Associate Director (Contract)

Coronavirus has changed the world, it doesn’t allow everyone to live in their normal routine. People is afraid about infection, worry about the food/ groceries, panic about their job etc. It affects a lot of people, including myself.

Circuit breaker has a great impact to my family too. As an employee and father of two, I have to adapt to new routines. Managing children and fighting for “extra time” to work from home is definitely a great challenge.

Some people may think that work from home is relaxing because they don’t have to face the bosses, you set your own KPI and you work on your own pace. It may sound like a marvellous idea but it is definitely not, if u are also a father. Circuit breaker ‘forces’ us to litherally spend time with kids.

We were not given the options whether to like it, or whether we could manage it. One thing I have learned from this pandemic is multitasking. For instance, I would have to plan what to cook for dinner while working at my desk; drafting an email in my mind while changing my daughter’s diapers; planning activities to keep my kids busy while I am replying email or answering a call.

The life is not as peaceful as we expect. Jobs are never finished on time; kid’s appetite may not be good; wife is not feeling well and there were a lot more happening at the same time. It easily stresses me out because this is the reality of life. There is no formula/ rules to juggle between work and parenting at the same time. The world has slowed down its pace due to Coronavirus, but my brain has sped up due to Circuit Breaker.

Due to this “flexibility” in life now, I am blessed that I can still spend the sweetest bonding moments with my family. We spend most of the time with each other, playing, learning, eating and sleeping.

Despite all the stress and extra overtime due to unfinished work, it is really fun that we all learn to work things out as a family and I really do appreciate the moments we spend together. The circuit breaker ends on 1 June, but I will definitely miss these moments in life and I have to say, this pandemic has changed my life.

Christopher Bong,
Client Solutions Manager

It has been a regular routine for the past weeks for my housemates and myself, keeping a good hygiene habit which all of us aware since the pandemic. All of us eventually adopt ‘washing of hands’ regularly no matter where we are; sanitize our hands when we cannot find a basin at reach. This small gesture is to ensure cleanliness whether we are indoor or outdoor. Do regular cleaning and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, e.g. door knobs, kitchen counter and equipment we use.

This is becoming a “new normal”, each time when I am out from home, it has always been in my mind, the fear of the Covid-19 which still exists nearly every part of the world. So, even when I am out from home, social distancing of 1m apart is practiced daily everywhere in Singapore. It is hard sometimes not to think about the virus; but, if we all cooperate, soon we can overcome.

E-commerce, online streaming, online food delivery – all have been growing rapidly for several years before the Covid-19 virus, though it is not universal for everything and for everybody. Now, E-commerce are getting not just greater numbers of customers, but penetrating effectively into new segments – be it millennials or baby-boomers. It is becoming a new normal for everybody; to buy things online, at ease and speed.

While working from home (WFH), people transfom their spare room, dining or living room into a work area. Sellers for desks and chairs seemed profiting from it. The Zoom Meeting App topped the charts of free apps in the App Store last week while Google’s Classroom and Microsoft Teams were also in the top 6 (Netflix was #12, just for a
reference). It is hard sometimes not to socialise with colleagues, clients and friends face to face or to have a proper desk to work on; but I must say, this is a test to all of us. If we can adapt and persevere, we wil surely witness together, the day this pandemic ends.

Rachel Chan,
Client Solutions Manager

Since the start of Circuit Breaker on 7 April, a lot of adjustments and adaptions were made, especially the part on working from home and going out unless necessary for fear of risking infection of Covid-19 to oneself and our loved ones.

Covid-19 changes how the world functions and people around the world need to learn to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing situation. One of life’s constants is CHANGE. Whether we are ready or not, things happen. From here, we will learn and grow. Change isn’t inherently good or bad. It’s inevitable.

This pandemic has given me ample time to self-reflect and to work on habits that I need to cultivate and some that I need to eliminate. How to improve myself during this saddening crisis when everyone is fighting their own battle.

I schedule a weekly timetable to ensure that I stay sane. I started reading again, cooking and exploring new recipes and exercise daily too. Most importantly, I make time to call my relatives, friends and colleagues as I miss the social interaction.

We always like it best on our terms but at times, there isn’t any choice. All we can do is to cope with it, which is what I am trying. We need to adjust and adapt ourselves for greater good, especially in times like this.

  • Have empathy, acknowledge that everyone is going through this crisis together and extend a helping hand to those in need.
  • Have more patience to others.
  • Show kindness and concern for family, friends, colleagues and our very own well-being (mental and physical).
  • Be grateful and don’t take people and things for granted.
  • Be positive!

Lastly, always remember that “For every bad thing in life, there are good things to tip the balance”.

Kelvin Chiang
Co-Founder & Director

Kelvin Chiang is our director and co-founder, specialized in workplace planning and strategies. Born and raised in Singapore, Kelvin’s vision and mind-set has continued to develop in the last 16 years of experience in the office space for corporate clienteles. Kelvin runs the day to day operations of Kelvin & Frank Reid and also manage and advise on key accounts projects. Direct and hands-on approach is the believe for success.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever been given?
A: Plan 4 steps ahead but move forward step by step

Q: What is your favorite working tool?
A: Google Calendar. It gives me a view of whether I should get worried if there are no meetings….

Q: What is your favorite place in Singapore?
A: Malacca Centre

Frank Chen
Co-Founder & Director

Frank Chen is our director and co-founder, specialized in interior design. Born in Malaysia, Frank has spent the last 20 years in Singapore, where he developed his passion in interior design. With a diverse experience in the industry, Frank is fascinated by “avant-garde” concepts and believes in communicating his design vision in a clear, dynamic and creative way. His philosophy is to think outside the box, hence this new alliance with Kelvin to form this unique approach.

Q: Could you describe yourself professionally in 3 words?
A: Enthusiastic, Different, Frank [Frankly speaking…]

Q: What is the best advice you have ever been given?
A: Follow your heart

Q: When you are growing up, what did you want to be?
A: Graphic Designer

Chou Tein Wai
Associate Director (Contract)

Born in Malaysia and having worked 10 years as Quantity Surveyor in Singapore, Tein Wai is passionate about numbers and cost management. Interacting with subcontractors and suppliers, he is responsible for costing, budget management, and measurement and material specification to be precisely executed. Tein Wai also produces quotations and purchase orders by working very closely with the Design and Project teams throughout the lifecycle of our projects. Tein Wai possesses a positive and cheerful personality, which will definitely contribute to the positive synergy amongst the team.

Q: When you are growing up, what did you want to be?
A: Travel photographer

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present”—Roy Bennett

Q: Is there any places you dream to visit?
A: Iceland, I wish to sleep under the Northern light

Ronald Quintos Javar
Associate Director (PM)

Ronald Quintos Javar is our project manager and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in the Philippines. Formally from the engineering services department at the “Philippines National Police”, Ronald also worked in a renowned architect firm in Manila. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Ronald is very focused at work with great responsiveness. He manages the construction part by monitoring closely the aspects of deadlines and interacting with our contractors and suppliers for a smooth completion.

Q: What is the preferred part of your job?
A: Always learning

Q: Which person inspires you the most?
A: Family

Q: What is your favorite dish?
A: Pork Sisig

Donny Yek
Associate Director (PM)

Donny graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He joined the industry due to curiosity and grow within. He has been with the industry for more than a decade and still counting. The creativity vibe within Kelvin & Frank Reid attracted him to join and ready to venture together. He enjoys motorcycling (fixing, modifying, riding, road trip etc.), wildlife photography, scuba diving and rock climbing during his free time.

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up?
A: I should have slept earlier last night. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: Everywhere in the world. Being a sailor or vagabond used to be my childhood dream.

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: Move on! Obstacles and pain are only temporary.

Rachel Chan
Client Solutions Manager

Rachel has vast experiences in different fields in Human Resources, Marketing, Facilities Management, Community Services to Client / Account Servicing which she has found her forte in. She has a positive attitude towards life and believes in equity of treatment. Rachel's favourite inspirational quote - Everything happens for a reason. She believes that things go wrong so that you will appreciate them when they're right. Sometimes good things have to fall apart so better things can fall together. Rachel loves to spend her time enjoying nature, cycling, drumming and painting. She also enjoys spending time with her loved ones as one should always treasure and cherish what we have, to remember to live life, here and now.

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: Egypt, Bhutan and Mount Kailash in Tibet

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up?
A: I’m grateful to be alive!

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: Smile more, Love more deeply and be Kind ALWAYS!

Ray Lim
Project Manager

Kristine Nguyen
Business Support Executive

Kristine came from Vietnam and graduated with second upper honours in Finance, University College Dublin. She has been staying in Singapore over 7 years. Kristine is a meticulous person and possesses excellent time management skills that she will share with the team. She believes that “POSDCORB“, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-Ordinating, Reporting and Budgeting are 8 elements in successful quickly acclimate to a new environment by clearly and precisely stating the expectations for task delivery and behaviours. During her personal time, she likes to spend her time with her loves one, reading some novels and mastering her Chinese language skill.

Q: Could you please give me 3 elements that describe you the best on a personal level?
A: People described me as thoughtful, reliable and cheerful.

Q: What is your greatest strength?
A: Strong verbal and personal communication skills: sociable personality and joyful interpersonal dealings.

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up?
A: I hope today is another happy day.

Justin Low
Senior Designer

Whee Ng
Interior Designer

Whee graduated from University Technology Malaysia (UTM) . With his 6 years of interior design experience specializing in commercial design, he is well equipped with valuable skills and knowledge to provide suggestion and explore the possibility of a dream office for his client. He believes that by listening and understanding his client’s needs is the key to every successful office. Which is why makes him an attentive person to every little details. Whee’s inspirations come from traveling the world with an open mind, appreciating and collecting ideas in all various ways of life. During his leisure time, cooking is his way of keeping family and friends together. It makes him happy by seeing them all happily satisfied with the food.

Q: Any places you dream to visit? (can be a country, building, natural place)
A: Japan , Europe & US.

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: “ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design how it works “ - Steve Jobs

Q: Who is your favourite architect? Or Interior designer?
A: WOHA and Zaha Hadid

Alvin Yang
Interior Designer

Born and bred in Singapore, Alvin graduated from Lasalle College of Arts in Interior Design. He has more than 3 years of experiences working as an interior designer in an Architecture firm. He believes that a designer should have the ability to transform ideas into design spaces that bring comfort to everyone. Alvin’s positive attitude, passion towards his work and determination is a wonderful addition to the team. During his spare time, he enjoys trail running in the hills, watching movies and spent time with family.

Q: Who is your favourite Architect or Interior Designer?
A: Joyce Wang

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: “Yes is more” – Bjarke Ingels

Rex Hooi
Interior Designer

Rex is from Malaysia and graduated from ALFA International College with Diploma in Interior Architecture Design. She has been working as an office interior designer for the past 6 years, gaining diverse project experience with different firms. She truly believes that PRACTICALITY & AESTHETIC are equally important. A functional design & good environment can encourage the users to understand & experience the space comfortably, this make the world a better place for everyone. An interior designer is not only designing interior but designing intelligence.

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: The place I mostly like to visit is Milan, Italy. Because I wish to participate the furniture fair, called “The Milan Furniture Fair” (Salone del Mobile) held annually in Milan.

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: “Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Q: Who is your favourite architect? Or Interior designer?
A: My favourite designer is Karim Rashid.

Adeline Too
Interior Designer

Adeline is our interior designer, graduated from National Yunlin University (Taiwan) of Science and Technology in Interior Architecture Design. Coming from Malaysia, she has been with this industry since 2011 and had gained experiences from various projects she used to work on. Responsible and motivated to work in a fast paces environment, Adeline is a great value to Kelvin & Frank Reid’s team. Her inspirations are from the things she came across in her daily life. During her personal time, she enjoys reading novel, study Japanese language and play badminton with her family and friends.

Q: Who is your favourite Architect or Interior Designer?
A: Tadao Ando and Jay Chiu (Architect for 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan)

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: Country that has cool weather and Great Wall of China

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” - Hillary Clinton

Sharon Cheah
Interior Designer

With 9 years of experience as interior designer in Southeast Asia, Sharon is delighted to input her design expertise. Sharon highly values accuracy, fast paced and creativity in her design. She believes that “fast responsiveness” is a key element in such a dynamic market. Fascinated by the concept to have brokers and designers under the same roof, Sharon strongly trusts this integration. This model allows her to produce accurate design drawings with our brokers’ expertise and to optimize her time usage.

Q: Which part of your job, do you enjoy the most?
A: Space planning & construction drawings

Q: What is your greatest strength?
A: Keen to learn

Q: What is your favorite tool at work?
A: Autocad

Shanelle Go
Quantity Surveyor

Shanelle was graduated with Bachelor of Quantity Surveying from Taylor’s University in Malaysia. She came to Singapore and has been working in the construction industry for 5 years. She has involved in various projects including new construction condominium, A&A works at shopping malls and exhibition centre. Her experience and positive attitude is a great addition to the team and project operations. The 3 elements that are important to her at work, i.e. cost management, communication and problem solving. During her free time, she likes to go for outdoor activities such as jogging and swimming.

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up?
A: Turn off the snooze button !!

Q: Any places you dream to visit?
A: Zermatt, Switzerland.

Q: Please share with us an inspiring quote…
A: It always seems impossible until it’s done, by Nelson Mandela